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The company was founded in 2008. CitySites is a network of the city web sites on the territory of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia. The leader in the segment of the Ukrainian market «City website». The city web sites CitySites hold leading positions in every locality where our offices are and provide the users with the most complete information about the life of the city.
In the city of three metallurgical plants, Mariupol, was created a city website 0629.com.ua. It was developed more like a hobby than a commercial project, yet this did not prevent it from becoming mega popular in Mariupol and set up the beginning of the widest net of the city web sites.
The traffic of 0629.com.ua reached 5, 000 unique users a day after that the first sales manager started working for the site.
The amount of sales managers increased to 8 persons and the traffic of the site was coming up to 10,000 unique users a day. The decision is made to share the success of 0629.com.ua in other Ukrainian cities.
The sites of Donetsk 62.ua and Zaporozhye 061.ua were launched in spring, the sites of Odessa 048.ua and Lugansk 0642.ua – in summer. The company faced the first problems and specific character of each city. In some cities the internet advertising market was built from scratch which gave the company invaluable experience and made it stronger in the future.
The site of Kharkov was launched in February. The company had not worked in such a big city before and that made us to modernize (update) our strategy again and learn to win the competitive struggle. In spring and summer the city sites - Simferopol 0652.ua, Yalta 0654.ua and Gorlovka 06242.ua were launched. It should be said that Yalta and Gorlovka were the first city sites which were launched on the franchise terms. The search of the partners and launching of the city sites on franchise terms became the next powerful vector of CitySites further development.
The experience of the first franchise facilitated CitySites to launch nine city web sites in Ukraine simultaneously: Krivoy Rog 0564.ua, Ternopol 0352.com.ua, Nikolaev 0512.com.ua, Vinnitsa 0432.ua, Ivano-Frankovsk 0342.ua, Lutsk 0332.ua, Poltava 0532.ua, Lvov 032.ua, Artyomovsk 06274.com.ua. In the same year of 2011 CitySites entered the Russian market and launched the web site of Lipetsk pronews48.ru
This year was symbolic for CitySites. In 2012 the city web sites changed their design completely stepping towards to meet the requirements of the users concerning usability as well as optimizing banner spaces for advertisers. One more symbolic event of 2012 was the launch of the site in Dnepropetrovsk 056.ua. This city has the most competitive market in Ukraine and it was the reason for the company to consider that this market should be entered with the most reputable product which was a new design and database engine of the site. This very fact and, undoubtedly, the perfect team of 056.ua contributed to the success of CitySites in Dnepropetrovsk. Besides Dnepropetrovsk, the city web sites were launched in Kremenchug 05366.com.ua, Kirovograd 0522.ua, Kherson 0552.ua, Zhytomir 0412.ua, Rovno 0362.ua, Makeevka 0623.com.ua, Sumy 0542.ua.
That year the company took a course in the development of the net in Russia by launching the city sites in Pushkin goodpushkin.ru, Ulyanovsk 8422city.ru, Taganrog 8634city.ru, Cheboksary 8352city.ru, Surgut 3462city.ru, Domodedovo goroddomodedovo.ru, Labinsk labaved.ru, Belgorod go31.ru. In 2013 the first city site was also launched in Belarus in Grodno 015.by. In Ukraine CitySites continued to expand by launching the sites in Sevastopol 0692.ua, Yenakiyevo 06252.in.ua, Krasnoarmeysk 06239.com.ua, Khartsyzsk 06267.in.ua, Shakhtyorsk 06255.com.ua, Krasnyi Luch 06432.in.ua, Cherkassy 0472.ua, Chernigov 0462.ua, Torez 06254.in.ua.
In 2014 the company is planning to launch not less than 30 city web sites in Russia, 4 in Belarus, enter the market of Kazakhstan and also to launch the first city web sites at the western markets which will give the company new expericnce and facilitate further development. In 2014 the company has aleready launched the sites of Maykop 01regionpro.ru, Belorechensk 86155city.ru, Kolpino prokolpino.ru, Makarov 04578.in.ua, fastov 04565.in.ua, Dneprodzerzhinsk 5692.com.ua, Saint-Petersburg go812.ru.
In 2015 our company increasing quantity of websites in its network. Development department works hardly on new platform design, improvement of admin panel and optimized ad places. Release version is planned to be started in the end of 2016. 2 websites in Ukraine, 13 websites in Russia and 5 websites in Kazakhstan were launched in 2015.
In 2016 company was focused on improvement of its services for franchisee. Online university CitySites was founded, which contains complete database of video tutorials. Business model was adapted for dynamically developing market of online advertising. Educational course “Intensive” was created, and according to it, our partner is able to visit our headquarters and participate tutorial course “Management of city website” during 2 days. The coaches are our leading employees of each field: sales of advertisements, content-management, promotion, client services organization, etc. The end of this year is noteworthy by presentation of 3rd general update of platform. Website and mobile apps got modern design and extended functional, improved SEO and more convenient administrative panel. New websites continue to launch. There are just a few of little cities in Ukraine without websites based on our platform. The network increased by 15 websites in 2016.
In 2017 all of websites were ported on new online platform, and expanded with upgraded product. We started some experimental websites as internal lab, which helps us to test different business models and functions. After testing all of our network websites were upgraded. In parallel with this our platform was translated in English, Lithuanian and Arabic languages. Multilingual websites are planned to be launched.
Company will expand certainly on European market, also development on Asian and American markets is planned. Start of ERP-system for partners. Automation of city websites’ monetization processes. Forming a new task to upgrade CitySites platform.
New general upgrade of CitySites platform is scheduled for 2019. Growing of network to new continents and adapting it for cultural and lingual features.
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