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Partner feedback

Name: Elvira Osmanova
City: Yalta
Population: 78,040
Domain: 3654.ru

Why did you decide to have your business in this field?

I have always worked in mass media. The printed press market in Yalta was overstuffed, to put it mildly, the online segment was minimally vacant, so I decided to try.

How do you see the future of your website?

It contains topical materials and has its own opinion.

Please, describe the advantages of CitySites franchise.

While ago I discovered the joy of working under the "City Site" concept. It is the main advantage. Although, it is really difficult to hold the line. Undoubtedly, the technical service is strong, promptly responding to any problems which arise form time to time. They are strong in providing support in non-standard situations. Quick response to force majeure situations. Especially that was proven during the recent year when the website was threatened, suffered from ddos-attacks and someone was trying to damage our operations in different ways.Another advantage for me is that I can have an advice on the things I am interested in. And what is more important – it comes, when I need this, not the company.

What would you improve in the company's service?

It is a very difficult question, cause I do not know what to answer. I was thinking about it for two days but I don't have anything to answer.

What are the services that the company provides to support your franchise?

Consultations, website maintenance, training the managers (I do not use it) but I understand that it worths the participation. As for me I am satisfied with the range of services. Another valuable thing is that applying to any employee of the company you will get an answer for sure. Although I suggest that it is beyond their official duties.

What was the most difficult thing at the very beginning of your website development and in what way did you overcome the problem?

It was difficult to agree with the partner's persuasion. Because of my hesitations we became the second ones to buy the franchise and not the first ones as it had been planned. And it was hard to believe that I would be able to promote the website to the leading positions being a young mother and the young businesswoman. We have pretty a lot of things to do so far. But considering the changes which are so unexpected and radically massive, to stay in the the leaders and continue to work on is already a success.